Agonda Beach – Goa

Our second stop in Goa had us on another beachside resort, this time on a much longer, more developed beach called Agonda. 

Very similar to Patnem, Agonda is littered with beach huts built up all across the coast line except this time they varied from extreme luxury to simple planks of wood roughly nailed together – thankfully, being the end of the season, we managed to find somewhere in the middle; our own hut in Silent Waves located in the south side of the beach. 

Fitz outside Silent Waves 

Another way Agonda differs from Patnem is that there is a small town behind the beach shacks meaning we had long stretches of road filled with samosa selling restaurants that also sold cheap Indian food without the beach view pricing. Along with an ATM in the town we were thankful to not have to hike to another town every time we wanted samosas or cash. 

Having spent a couple of days in Agonda we started to fall into the routine of beach life again, having lie ins, reading, sunbathing, swimming and keeping our stray dog friends well hydrated with make shift water bowls.



Strolling down the beach at sunset was a big highlight; once 5.30pm hits everyone comes out onto the beach to do yoga, play cricket, a game of football or just have a good old fashioned ‘holding the sun’ photo. This followed by dinner, an ice cold beer and watching the light fade from the incredible Arabian Sea is something you can’t easily get bored of. 


Having a cheeky bevvy at White Sand

The one stark difference to Patnem beach life was Agondas resident horse – named Shadowfax due to a Lord of the Rings book being read at the time (or Shadowfaxeen I should say). Rather friendly and VERY good at gobbling up everyone’s food, sunbathing while a majestic white horse strolls past, comes up to say hi and then lies down next to you is something I will definitely not forget. 


As always it seems, hours slipped by followed by days, followed by  a week. Definitely having had our beach fix, coupled with the cockroaches we kept finding in our hut – and mostly the rats running across our roof every night – we decided it was time to say goodbye to Agonda. Like our beach hut had heard our conversation and taken offense, my phone charger promptly fell out of the plug socket and threw my phone at the cold brick floor. While having a high up plug socket and having to duct tape my phone to the wall meant this had happened often, however it seemed like this was the last straw and my phone finally decided to stop having 9 lives. With only half the screen working (and a rather tearful Ella) we cut out loses and after one final day of reading, sunbathing, saying bye to Shadowfax and one final stroll, we packed our bags, ready to stretch our legs and get moving again around the busy town of Panjim! 

Favourite Places/ Foods:

  • Fatima’s Corner: cheese, coriander & chilli naan 
  • Silent Waves: Spaghetti Carbonara (if you want a western treat). 
  • Thali & Dosa Cafe: any dosa from their list of 20. 

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