Patnem Beach – GOA

After the incredible inland scenery that Hampi had to offer, we found ourselves missing the sea. We cought an early morning train from Hospet to Madgaon (10 hours – Sleeper class) with the intention of taking a further train south to Canacona. Some say, The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Others say that trains in India can be like quests at a mad hatters tea party, except you don’t get to hear the hatter shouting “change places!” as the platform changes. An American couple suffering the same fate, having missed the train platform change (and thus the train itself) joined us in our taxi which dropped us right at the entrance to Patnem beach.

The main bazaar in Patnem is a small road lined with the usual shops, split down the middle by a line of parked bikes and scooters. We turned left and walked along the selection of beach hut restuarants and yoga resorts until the price was right. We managed to get a beach hut with a double room and bathroom, about 10 feet from the beach front for 700 rupees (Β£4.20 each). 

The beach spans left and right from the main bazaar with half a mile of golden sands and gentle, breaking surf in either direction. It was obvious that the season was over as days and nights remained peaceful even on the weekends. 

We walked to the nearby town of Chaudi in the mornings to stock up on fresh samosas, 10 rupees each (10p) and ate at a different beach front restaurant each night until the sun went down. It was incredibly relaxing and even though it’s much less secluded that OM, it felt like we had the beach to ourselves most days (almost).

Amazing food in Patnem

  • Veg Kolhapuri
  • Chicken Hyderabadi
  • Blue cheese & spinach pasta (omg!)
  • 25p Cornetto’s!

Maybe it was the cheap beers (70p)or the fact we found a new favourite packet of crisps but our original plan to stay for 3 days in Patnem quickly went out the window as we endured 9 days of bliss before feeling the need to move on (we’re very brave!). 


2 thoughts on “Patnem Beach – GOA

  1. I can understand why you ended up staying longer, I would be tempted
    to make a little beach fire to cook some tasty crab meat!!! πŸ¦€πŸ¦€


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