Hampi – India

Where to begin with Hampi?

A land of endless beauty and ancient ruins, Hampi was the first place we’d come across where simply getting the bus into town had you leaning out the window in awe of the surroundings.

Our 10 hour bus ride from Gokarna had us extremely tired but we’d befriended a couple of tourists along the way and managed to make our way from Hampi bus station, across the river and on to find our accommodation. A little while outside of the main accommodation bazaar, we finally came across our accommodation, Woodstock ’69 (don’t ask us why it’s called that, we still have no clue). Staying in a handmade clay hut which was four walls and a bed, we quickly found the communal area/restaurant which was far more agreeable with soft mats and tables on the floor. Alongside rice paddies, we sat reading, eating and watching the wildlife roam through the garden.

Despite the lovely restaurant, Hampi needed to be seen. Due to tourism taking over the town in busy season, the auto rickshaw community of drivers has had any hiring of mopeds on the south side of Hampi river prohibited. Meaning you either have to shell out for an auto rickshaw tour of the ruins or hire a bicycle. Being broke we opted for the cheap option – something Chris loved and I soon came to regret. Cycling hills in the scorching 36 degree heat was exhausting! That being said, hiring our own bikes allowed us to take ourselves around the town at our pace, explore the ruins and take in the amazing scenery.

After giving our bikes back, we decided days 2 and 3 were motorcycle days. Haggling our way through the many moped shops we finally found a scooter. I’m sure it would have been a lovely scooter, had we not got ourselves a puncture within 5 minutes, had to shell out 200 rupees for the repair and then take the scooter swiftly back to the shop to begin our new haggling techniques.

However, much like any bump in the road, our small hiccup gave way to even better opportunity; Molly. Our red, beauty of a scooter that was in far better shape than our first and let us whizz about North Hampi, see local life and go visit the Hampi temples.

Our final day in Hampi was a day of style. My 25th birthday had us leave Woodstock and check into Clarks Inn Hotel for my birthday treat from Chris. Never before have I been so happy to see a normal sized mattress, air conditioning and an en suite bathroom! Making the most of my lovely birthday messages, our movie channels on the tv, beer from the alcohol shop around the corner and an insanely delicious meal for dinner, I found myself well and truely spoilt. A perfect end to our perfect stay in Hampi.

A very happy birthday girl.  


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