Fort Kochi – First Stop 

We made it! Stayed in Fort Kochi for three nights in a home stay near the Chinese fishing nets (huge manual nets fisherman use to catch fish in the harbour brought over by the Chinese).

We spent our first day walking around Kochi, taking in the small streets of humble houses, the friendly kids, Jew Town (amazingly beautiful with silver bunting all over the streets) and Fort Kochi beach. We watched dolphins at sunset and ate in a beautiful courtyard; all in all a beautiful first day. 

Second day we failed slightly and didn’t set an alarm waking up at 1pm! Thankfully we’d done so much the day before this didn’t actually matter and we set off to eat by the water for lunch (banana fritters), walk through the local streets and take in the sunset. 

Funniest thing to happen: Fitz being offered ginger beer wherever we go & strangers asking for pictures because “you are so white”. 

Money spent per day: £4.50 each including accommodation! 

Tomorrow: Heading to Munnar – 4 1/2 hour coach ride recommended by our hosts which is completely different to anything we’ve seen online (or at any stations) – the way of India! 


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